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My experience at BusinessOne

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Interested in an internship, part-time or full-time career at BusinessOne? Read about Dheeraj’s experience at the company...

I was made CEO on the very first day of my internship.

Returning to Curaçao for summer vacation after completing my first year of (Hons) Business Studies and Finance at Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland, I wanted to intern at a company that would harness my current knowledge and experience, and provide me with a supportive environment to develop my business, technology and soft skills, work on real projects, build my network and learn from the experienced. Based on my research, there were only a very few companies on the island that provided this sort of opportunity and BusinessOne was one of them.

Following my application and interview at BusinessOne, all my intrinsic and extrinsic wants were matched when I was accepted as a summer intern. On the first day of joining, after getting introduced to the company, I was provided with my main task - to conduct and deliver two case studies on two companies, analyzing the business and finance processes before SAP Business One, determining which processes could be streamlined and/or automated with SAP Business One or an Add-On, and explaining how we as a company can help optimize the use of the solution. The best part of all, I was responsible for making all executive decisions on how and when I would like to deliver those products.

Simultaneously, I was able to go through SAP Business One’s learning journey and understand exactly how this revolutionary software integrates and streamlines all of a business’s functions. I then got to practice the knowledge I gained when testing if the procurement, sales, finance and inventory processes were operating properly for a client. Occasionally, I would also be brought to meetings, where I experienced how professionally the BusinessOne team collaborated amongst themselves and with clients.

Throughout my journey at BusinessOne, the company continuously invested in my career growth and development. Additionally, inspired by my mentors’ visionary and ambitious spirits, the power of SAP BusinessOne and my business and finance background, this internship has allowed me to realize that being an Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant is a very possible and probable career option of mine.

If you have a high entrepreneurial mindset which you want to enhance by looking for a career opportunity in the fast-paced world of IT, and are wanting to work with a team whose goal of revolutionizing the way companies do business in Curaçao matches yours, I highly recommend starting or continuing you career at BusinessOne.


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